Achievements and project list


Since its formation in 2006 the Friends have raised over £45,000 towards:

– removal of tower window guards to stop staining of the stonework;

– re-glazing and repair of stonework to small south window;
– removal of beetle-infested pews;
– repair of tower steps;*
– installation of a rope-hold and lighting in the tower stairway;
– renewal & strengthening of tower roof walkways;
– recovering of drains with stone;
– re-lining of 11 tombs with kerbs;

– restoration of 2 table tombs;
– purchase of 6 large folding tables, 40 wooden chairs and 80 folding chairs;

– new lighting and heating system for the Nave;
– new heating system for the Nave;
– re-siting of mains services;

– new floor & ceiling in the bell room;
– re-establishment of a 2nd floor in the tower;
– return of the Miles Graye bell from Colchester Museum, and its repair,refurbishment, & positioning in the tower;

– refurbishment of the piano;
– 1st phase of North Porch project;

– completion of North Porch Project (with kitchenette, disabled toilet, storage areas, baby changing facilities & ramps for wheelchair use;

– re-plastering & limewashing  of lower walls in  the Vestry and Nave;
– installation of a temporary ring main in the Nave;
– replacement of damaged/missing roof tiles, and  repair of holes where the roof joins the tower walls;
– re-painting of gutters;

* Achieved by the ‘Sonsor a Step’ scheme. See list of sponsors & dedications in blue folder at the church information area.

– further re-plastering followed by limewashing.


Items in red are highest priorities

Location Work item Cost estimate Benefits

Door from Nave to North Porch

Repair & restore to English Heritage specifications and fit a catch, handle etc. Over £200 Better ease of use, improved safety for users, and  to conserve the door itself
North Porch –
graveyard edge
a) Cut piles to ground level

b) Build a wall in front of piles


Over £300

 Retention of earth and nearby grave(s)
Outside the West door and the walkway to the North Porch emergency door Paving Improved safety to comply with Health & Safety legislation
Tower –
belfry louvres
Replacement, and ideally windows installed inside of them Weatherproofing
Tower –
bottom  door
Re-hanging/resetting Better ease of use, and to conserve it
Tower –
both upper rooms
Install an access door to each Improved safety &security, and to enable the rooms to be used
Tower –
ringing chamber
Full clean-up Nil (if done by volunteer  working party) Tidiness
Convert into an archive/museum room/project room with adequate lighting, sockets, furniture & storage cabinets A facility for safely storing the church records & artefacts, and for housing Peldon History Project items (e.g.  artefacts, documents, photographs etc.)
Outer walls Re-point various gaps in the tower, buttresses, South Porch and Nave £745

(possibly part-funded by grant)

Stoppage of water ingress
West door – reinstatement as a working door and fire exit Misc. work to make it it operate correctly.

Completion of lowering the outside earth mound & general landscaping.

  Improved safety & ease of use, also brought back into use
Nave – floor Complete replacement of flooring & supporting structure
+ incorporation of the 13 amp ring main
Around £80,000 (preferably via funding bodies) Improved safety & comfort, therefore enabling more and varied use of the church
Electrical wiring and fittings Misc. work as detailed in the 2015 Electrical Report (not related to items replaced in 2011). Deterioration & subsequent safety issues are addressed
Boundary –
church sign/noticeboard
Replacement Improved communications with the village & visitors
Boundary –
south fences & gates
Install new fence & gateposts, & rehang gates Reinstatement of original boundary and improved tidiness
Mower shed Restore or replace Improved security
Elm trees Remove dead ones Improved safety