Fundraising and Achievement, 2016/17

Please see the following extract of the Warden’s Review for 2016/17:

Church Fabric Projects

Inside the church
Even more plastering was needed as many, many square metres of old plaster loosened and became dangerous. The donation of £5,000 from the Friends helped the church to get re-plastering and limewashing done.

Work was also carried out on the electrics. As a temporary measure a flexible 13 amp ring was laid so that the Panto could move into the church and so that other groups can use the building. When the new floor is installed a ‘Faculty’ will be needed to finance a permanent ring installation.

Note. We are accumulating repairs and installations not forecast when we originally formed the Friends.

Work in the Tower
The launch of the Peldon History Project makes the need to refurbish the ringing chamber as a ‘museum room’ or as a project room to house artefacts, photographs, documents etc. We even have found part of the mythical Peldon Hoarde (some groats ‘removed’ from a burial site in the churchyard). All this needs a base.

Doors need fixing to both openings to rooms in the tower and the tower bottom door needs to be re-hung or re-set.

Regarding the main room (the ringing chamber) the louvres need to be worked on, and the openings weatherproofed. Mains electrics and extra lighting is needed, along with filing cabinets for church records so that the project helpers can sort and file the documentation.

The Nave
The ancient door from the Nave to the Annex still hangs on its original hinges and is badly in need of repair. As it is at present it is unsightly. This must be attended to as a matter of urgency.

The rail between the Nave and the Chancel needs fixing as it fell over during the recent spate of plastering!

The West Door should be able to open and also needs some renovation. Again, this is urgent as we need a West exit to comply with health and safety legislation. It is now over to the PCC to get a ‘faculty’ and the Friends can then be asked to give some financial support.

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