About the Peldon History Project

Peldon resident and historian Kay Gilmour researched the history of Peldon and wrote a manuscript entitled ‘Peldon in Essex – A Village over the Marshes’. This manuscript was typed, printed and bound in around 1950 and copies are quite rare. A copy is however, available in the Local Interest room of Colchester General Library.

In 2015 Bill Tamblyn, under the auspices of the Frends of St. Mary’s Peldon, held two Peldon History Lectures to introduce the Gilmour work and start a Peldon History Project. This could include the Gilmour work plus a number of other subjects which would need to be researched and written-up. The intention is for residents to take on one or more subjects and research them by ‘scholarly’ means plus wherever possible, by recorded interviews with people who are able to give verbal accounts of their memories. Recording would be ideally by the use of recording equipment but could be by discussion followed by a written record.

As of November 2016 some subjects have been completed and some are underway, but more volunteers are needed to complete the range of subjects needed to provide a history of Peldon to the present day. Also Bill Tamblyn has nearly completed the word processing of the original Gilmour manuscript. Currently the Project is reported and discussed at the Peldon History Lectures, which are advertised and reported in this website under ‘News’. Other events and activities regarding the Project may materialise in due course.

The eventual complete history of Peldon may be released by way of a dedicated website, a series of publications, or otherwise.

For further information on the Peldon History Project please contact Bill Tamblyn via the ‘Contact’ tab on this website.