Please support our neighbours (1) Peldon Village Hall needs your vote!

The Friends hold some events in Peldon Village Hall. And when there is a Friends’ event in the church, the Village Hall kindly allow their car park to be used. It’s therefore in the interests of the Friends’ and supporters to stand up for the project to rebuild Peldon Village Hall.

NOW IS THE TIME.  Peldon Village Hall is one of 12 shortlisted projects competing for a share of £200,000 of funding in Colchester Borough Council’s “Big Choice” scheme. Residents in the Borough will decide on the winning projects, by a vote. Voting closes at midday on Friday 4 March.

Peldon Village Hall has pitched for £50,000 of the funding, and if successful should then have enough (with other monies) to start the rebuilding of the hall. But this depends on how many people vote for the project.

Please vote. You can go on-line to the Council’s website and click on the lower left hand button. Alternatively, you can visit Colchester library where voting forms are available. If these are inconvenient call Bob Holmes on 01206 735510 and he’ll help you to vote.

Voting is open to residents in Colchester Borough, whatever their age (including children). You will need to enter your name, address, and postcode when you vote (and email address if you have one). You can only vote for one of the 12 shortlisted projects – so please choose Peldon Village Hall!

There are limits to the voting: up to 10 people per household and a maximum of 2 with the same email address.

Please vote for Peldon Village Hall by Noon on Friday 4 March. And get your friends, relations and others in the  Borough to do so as well.

Artists mpression of new Peldon VillageHall. (Curtesy of Steve Sharpe Graphics)

Artists mpression of new Peldon VillageHall. (Curtesy of Steve Sharpe Graphics)

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