Report on the 2nd Peldon History Lecture of 2016

Bill Tamblyn gave an introduction about local historian, the late Kay Gilmour. Then he asked the audience “what kind of things would you expect in a history?”  Illustrating   from the Gilmour publication, he showed  how she had addressed our natural curiosity as to why little Peldon, apparently ignored in some accounts, was actually important in earlier times.

Peldon had proved to be  a much-valued place which Kings and Barons used as a bargaining chip:

  • a Christian Parish so well-endowed that the local clergy vied with each other to obtain the ‘living’;
  • a place with feisty characters who might  have given Peldon some notoriety in the past;
  • and a place where the villagers themselves exercised compassion and generosity towards those less fortunate, who were forced to live ‘on the parish’.

Bill hoped this would be a ‘taster’ to a modern edition of the Gilmour history, which will be produced before the summer – in some form – perhaps online or even as a book.

He also gave notice that he was beginning work on The New History of Peldon – 1956 to the present day and that he was looking for contributors for this. 

He hoped that this document would be completed in a few months rather than the years it has taken to unravel the Gilmour manuscript.

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