We have these items for sale in the church, while stocks last. (click on an image to get a larger version).

Open hours are 8am to sunset every day.

Payment by cash in the wall box please. Many thanks for your support!


 St. Mary’s Honey.  1lb jar, locally produced.  Seasonal, while stocks last.  £4.50
 Book - St Mary the Virgin Peldon by A W Gough - compressed Book: ‘A Short History of the Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin Peldon’  by Anthony W Gough, reprinted 1997.  Card covers, 32 pages. Peldon in the 18th & 19th centuries and in 1970,  Peldon Manor, Comyn’s Charity, the church school, the church itself, and Rectors & rectories.  £1.50
 Booklet - Quires in our villages - compressed Booklet:  ‘Quires in our Villages’  by Prof. Bill Tamblyn.  Paper, 12 pages.  Transcript of a talk on the music sung in church West Galleries from the 18th century, how these galleries were used, and their decline.  £1.00
 Booklet about John Ball & seige of Peldon by Henry VIII - compressed Booklet: ‘Two Peldon Mysteries: John Ball and Peldon, and Henry VIII seizes Peldon’.  Extracts from ‘Peldon in Essex – A Village Over the Marshes’ by Kay Gilmour (1955).  Paper, 5 pages.  The possible connection between Peldon and one of the leaders of the Peasant’s Revolt in 1381. Also events leading to the seizure of Peldon by Henry VIII.  £1.00

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