Pic of Prof Bill Tamblyn

Two Talks on St Mary in St Mary’s

Further to the two posts entitled ‘What might happen in 2021’, Prof Bill Tamblyn emailed the following to the Friends this morning:
I reported in Village News that  I would offer two talks on St Mary in St Marys..

I had to postpone the first but here it is again – now that the Diocese has said we can meet in St Marys and in the case of talks, the audience can sit, masked, socially distanced and ‘cleansed’  . It is so hard to try a long talk on Zoom – in fact it is boring so live will be much more fun.
Celebrating Mary  March 17th at 7 30pm in St Marys
It would be appropriate to celebrate Mary as we have a church named after the key figure in the religious story – Jesus’ mother. I will untangle what we know as history and what has been elaborated subsequent to her death and in particular examine the translations and music settings of Magnificat

 Celebrating Mary April 7th at 7 30pm in St Marys
We know more about Mary Magdalene from the historical record. She was the woman who led the disciples after the murder of her friend, and is the inspiration for so much painting, literature and  poetry. Why is she so important to us in 2021?
I will be there tomorrow so I hope some of you can pop in for this musically illustrated talk.

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