Webmaster’s report, 2016

Many thanks for using or providing input to this website. I wish you all the compliments of the season, and a happy and healthy New Year.

Geoff Gonella
December 2016


The Friends website was started by Bill Tamblyn in 2011, and managed by Bill until 2014, when I was appointed to take over and develop it further. I have lived in Peldon for 4½ years, I’m retired from a background in engineering and technical publishing, but I’ve never looked after a charity website before!

I write much of the written content, and occasionally receive written material from others. I receive technical guidance and support from Clare Lauwerys, a professional IT and website consultant based in Peldon (see ). Clare also controls the unseen workings of the site, as well as the web hosting and the domain name.

Purpose of the site
The site provides, on a long-term basis:

  • the purpose of the Friends, its activities, achievements and membership details;
  • a potted history of St. Marys, it’s current condition and the various building projects;
  • details on how anybody can fundraise for the Friends in their own way;
  • news on the Friends activities, and how the funds raised have been spent;
  • details on how to make a donation to the Friends for a specific repair, renovation or improvement to St. Mary’s;
  • reports and pictures of Friends events;
  • details of Friends merchandise for sale;
  • contact details.

Development of the site in 2016
The site now has a news-based homepage, whereby reports, news snippets, notes on activities and so on are presented as small items that can be clicked-on for more information.

Also there have been improvements to the overall ‘look’ of the homepage, and more subject tabs have been added, including one for the Peldon History Project. This is a provisional place for explaining the project and listing various pictures, until a dedicated website comes along.

I have also tried to make the site more engaging, and relevant to those who find it from an internet search.

A plea for help
Please help me with this site by doing these things:

  • send me photos taken at Friends’ events;
  • encourage others to use it (quote:   );
  • send me news or background details about building works at St. Mary’s that are attributable to the Friends’ fundraising.

Geoff Gonella
December 2016

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