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Webmaster’s report, 2017


The Friends’ website is:   . It has been running since 2011.

The title ‘Webmaster’ may sound unusual, but it’s the normal job title for the person who maintains and uploads the content of a website.

Who’s Who
I receive news, photos and other contributions from various sources, and I endeavour to upload them in easy-to-find places on the website, in good time.

Clare Lauwerys, an IT professional and website consultant in Peldon, controls the unseen workings of the website, the site’s efficiently, and  its connection to a server. Clare also renews our domain name fees and looks after other registration matters.

Clare and I do not charge for what we do, but there are fees from outside bodies which total just under £100 per year.

Features of the site
The site basically breaks down into:

  • information about the Friends – its purpose, activities, achievements and membership details;
  • a potted history of St. Marys, it’s current condition and projects that need financing;
  • advance notice of Friends events;
  • details of how to make a donation to the Friends;
  • reports and photos of Friends events;
  • Friends merchandise for sale;
  • contact details.

A lot of this is reported on occasion in Parish News and in the Friends Newsletters, but it is scattered over many issues over many years, and is unseen by those who don’t get either publication. The website is a source  of information and news about the Friends for all to see, at any time, as long as one has access to an internet connection.   It can also serve to update people visiting the area and those moving into the area.

Development of the site over the year
1)   The main development has been the introduction of a Friends Facebook page. It is somewhat linked to the website, giving the Friends its first taste of Social Media. Many thanks to Clare Lauwerys for setting it up. This means that the Friends purpose, activities and events can be learnt about and discussed by a wider audience, hopefully leading to interest and desire to know more, buy tickets, join the membership etc. Whether you are a fan of Facebook or not, there is no denying it – more publicity and chat about the Friends and its activities can only be a good thing!

2)  I am continually making little changes in my  quest to make the site more readable, engaging, and relevant to those that look it up directly or come across it through other websites. If you have any ideas for this please contact me.

3)  I have set up an area on the site for the Peldon History Project, because this Project is under the auspices of the Friends. This is a temporary measure for storing completed written material and pictures, until the Project has its own presence on the internet.

How you can help
Please help me to do my job well by giving me some input. Could you:

  • send me photos that you take at a Friends’ event (copies of camera files in .jpeg or .jpg are best);
  • spread the word about the Friends website (quote:   ).
  • send me news about building works, repairs etc. at St. Mary’s that are attributable to the Friends’ fundraising.


Many thanks for your interest,

Geoff Gonella
October 2017

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