What might happen in 2021?

As we think we can still hold live ‘Talks’, Bill Tamblyn has offered for 2021:
Celebrating Mary 1
15th February at 7.30pm at St Mary’s
It would be appropriate to celebrate Mary as we have a church named after the key figure in the religious story – the mother of Jesus no less. I would like to concentrate on the variety of translations of her song Magnificat.
Celebrating Mary 2
7th April at 7.30pm at St Mary’s
We know more about Mary Magdalen from the historical record. She was the woman who led the disciples after the murder of their leader, and the inspiration for so much painting and poetry. Why is she so important today?
Possibles for the future:
The Friends Committee is considering a couple of Quiz Nights. These might be run on Zoom.
If these get off the ground we will let you know through our wide email distribution list and through Village News.
There is a future and the Friends of St Mary’s will be active in it ! 

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