Notes from the Friends AGM, 2018

The AGM was held on 31st October 2018.

After the preliminaries the Treasurer introduced the Financial Report for the financial year 1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018. To the nearest pound, the starting balance was £14,684, net profit from events was £5,170, income from subscriptions,sponsorship and donations was £680, and misc. income items and general expenses totalled -£144. No monies were donated to the Church in the financial year. The end of year balance was £20,389.

The Election of Officers was agreed as follows:

Chairman: Domenic Moore
Secretary: Bill Tamblyn
Treasurer: Stewart Bilsland
Publicity Officer: The meeting nominated Emily Dumas only if the present encumbent (Sally Abbott) wishes to stand down.
Committee members:  The above + Vicki Scott

Geoff Gonella was re-elected as Webmaster.

The outgoing Chairman presented his Review 2017-18 paper, which included a review of the Friends’ events and collaborations, information on certain building works carried out and those envisaged for the future, and ideas for some new events (including revival of the Peldon History Lectures, concerts, and perhaps an evening of Poetry) . In addition it was made known that some events taken over by the Friends from the PCC in recent years, have been handed back to the PCC.

The Treasurer explained that the Friends constitution may need further changes to align it with the latest requirements of the Charities Commission. The meeting agreed to the new committee taking care of this.

Geoff Gonella gave a summary of his Webmaster’s Report (which will be on the website in full).

The meeting was closed by the new Chairman, who was applauded for accepting the position.


Note. These notes are for general information. Official minutes will be issued to members of the Friends in due course.


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