‘At your Convenience’ evening

This was a free event held on 13th November to celebrate completion of the North Porch project, with its fully-built kitchen and Loo. We had 20-30 people in a café-style setting, with many bringing various ‘nibbles’, Sally bringing quiche and Bill with Hedgehog Pie, which was an excuse to sing a song…..about Hedgehog Pie.

Gwendal Moele, who has sung in the church on many occasions including the French Night and the Italian Night, sang some songs.

Val Carter from ‘Quire’ brought  a cake with a Loo on top made of icing. Val sang a great song about a Muck Spreader that went decidedly wrong.. much to the amusement of a farmer in the company !

And Chris Moore gave a wonderful rendition of ‘Summer time’.

Time to eat - compressed     Cake - compressed

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