Peldon Village Fete 2018 – Report by Bill Tamblyn

The weather was kind. The village rallied (as it always does) with well over 30 volunteers: to staff the stalls, haul up tents, take money, collect the rubbish… you name it and they do it. And our takings were well up on last year. So much for the hard facts on the Fete. I am sure the other villages run their fetes inĀ  the same way and marvel at the generosity of time and money that their villagers give to the Fete. But what was special for us in Peldon?

We had a fire engine, an aerobatic display over the reservoir, and a very popular dog show. These attractions, alongside the usual craft and food stalls, help to draw-in visitors from the surrounding villages.

As organiser, what makes the Fete so special for me?
Once a year, many, many villagers come to the Fete desk just to thank us for making this gathering possible. They give us news of their familiesĀ  – who has gone to college, who is just married, who is this new baby and how things are growing in the garden. As I am known locally a Bill the Beeman, I am thanked for all the bees in the gardens and how lucky we are that we have bees when others are short. Well , actually, they are not my bees! They could be from apiaries in Abberton, Langenhoe, Wigborough – but at least people are very ‘bee aware’ these days. I hope they are planting ‘cottage garden seed mixtures’ as a sign of their affection for the bees!

It was a great day. I hope all the other fetes on June 9th went as well as ours.

The Fete is a great countryside tradition. The Fete brings us together.

Long may it last!

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