Festival Sunday

Although reduced to one day this year, this popular event still had plenty to offer the kids, parents, grandparents and animals on Sunday the 14th of June.

The day started with a Pet Service with 20 humans, 9 dogs and a rabbit in attendance.

The tower was then open and before long the kids (often with friends) came in for the Flying Teddies.

The afternoon included gnome hunting and piano duets, followed by a concert by the LMT Children’s Choir, which sang a wide range of songs in ensemblĂ©, followed by a series of solo performances. For us in the audience, a look round at the proud mums and dads was a sight to behold!

With refreshments on the go and a good crowd present, this was a vibrant and enjoyable day. Our sincere thanks to all performers, organizers and helpers.

See photos here

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