Thank You from the Friends

Many thanks are due to all the people from the village and beyond, who throughout 2015 have continued to support the work of the Friends of St. Mary’s in many different ways.

2015 proved to be an auspicious year for St. Mary’s, as it saw the completion of the North porch project which includes a toilet and kitchen facility within the church. This came after a long, involved planning and building programme, and apart from work required on the North Door, all is now complete. It is used fully by all on many social occasions, and it is hoped that Friends and visitors will continue to enjoy the luxury of the facilities. This project would not have been possible without the help of all of our supporters.

Apart from the above, the Friends enjoy the goodwill of cleaners, flower ladies, and all the other people who constantly make ‘offerings’ for our events held throughout the year. The cakes, sausage rolls, muffins, savoury dishes, and untold other goodies, including raffle prizes, arrive at events for all to enjoy. Many events would not be able to be held without such contributions from those who faithfully support the work of the Friends.

The committee of the Friends of St. Mary’s would like to take this opportunity to thank all who contributed and all that visited our events during 2015.

We wish you all a prosperous 2016, and hope to see you at all of our events during the next year.

Alma Thomas. (Chairman of Friends of St. Mary’s committee).

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