The Poinsettia Tree (1)

The Friends of St. Mary’s are going to build a Poinsettia Tree as a decoration in the church this Christmas (instead of buying a commercial Christmas tree).

This involves building a 3-foot high tree on a wooden structure with individual poinsettia plants. They look wonderful when completed and the gradual assembly is exciting to see.

This tree will accommodate 25 plants. Each plant will cost £6 and can be bought to remember loved ones, to celebrate Christmas, or simply because they are beautiful plants, especially when grouped together.

Anyone wishing to buy a plant and place it on the tree can contact either Alma on 01206 736141 or Jan on 01206 735401.

We hope to begin building the tree from the middle of December, therefore if you would like to buy a plant could you let us know by 10 December. This will enable us to purchase the plants in good condition.

Please join us in this venture and make Christmas 2015 a celebration of colour in our church.

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